Posted by: UrbanGreenGirl | August 15, 2008

My Personal Journey

Has your life ever felt like a constant contradiction?  Wanting to fit in yet wanting to be different? Wanting to follow the status quo yet not wanting to conform?  I struggle with many issues in my personal and professional life; stuggle to figure out who I am and what I’m willing to support. .

Sometimes I wish I could just live an easy life, never question anything, eat meat like the rest of people, dress never questioning where the materials came from, where regulary advertised beauty products without worrying about the chemical ingredients in them, use prescribed drugs despite the animal testing, throw out garbage instead of recycling, except I can’t. I see things beyond the surface level and am aware of what had to happen in order for these products to exist.

Whether I like it or not,  I am Green. A critical thinker. And I love it! I really truly want to make this world a better place and hope that I can limit my personal impact throughout my existence on this earth. This is my personal journey to being green, the obstacles I will tackle in reducing my carbon footprint and the pleasure it’ll bring me.


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