Posted by: UrbanGreenGirl | September 25, 2008

How to fight the cold & flu season

Fall is here

Fall is here

Summer is fading away as we head into Autumn and with it comes the dreaded Cold and Flu season. Monday morning I woke up feeling the beginning of a cold starting. I was sneezing, congested and the bags under my eyes were starting to swell.  However, my claim to fame is that I NEVER get sick. I am usually able to fight it off on the first day I get symptoms. So, I wanted to share with you my Fall secrets. First, I always take Clefs des Champ’s Infectix. I swear by this product.

InfectixIt’s like Echinacea but with other roots. I put 40 drops in water in the morning and again when I get home from work.  You can find it in health food stores in Quebec and possibly across Canada. You can send them an e-mail at to find a store near you.

Because I absolutely could not risk missing work (like most of us), I also took Oscillococcinum homeopathy by Boiron. This is available in both Canada and USA in pharmacies and is even regulated by the FDA for those skeptical of natural medicines.  You simply dissolve one little tube of sweet tasting grains under the tongue twice a day. Well voilà, Tuesday morning I woke up completely fine. I continued the Infectix as a precaution, but was yet again satisfied by taking these natural preventative products.Oscillococcinum

Have other natural remedies that help you through the cold and flu season? Share them below, would love to hear!



  1. I’d like to point out that homeopathic medicines have no medicinal value at all. They are sugar pills, nothing more, and the benefit that people derive from them are based on the well-understood placebo effect.

    The claimed active ingredient in Oscillococcinum is prepared by incubating small amounts of a freshly killed duck’s liver and heart for 40 days. The resultant solution is then filtered, freeze-dried, rehydrated, repeatedly diluted, and impregnated into sugar granules. The amount of dilution is so extreme that it is unlikely that even a single molecule of the active ingredient would survive the process. This medicine literally contains nothing but sugar.

    This the case for all homeopathic medicines. They all are prepared through a process of dilution; some (like Oscillococcinum) are diluted in pure water to a concentration of one part active ingredient per 100^200 parts (that last is a 1 followed by 400 zeros) of water. There is literally nothing of the active ingredient left at the end of the dilution, often not even at the level of individual atoms.

    James Randi has demonstrated this quite clearly and dramatically several times. In his lectures, he swallows — live, on stage — the entire contents of a package of homeopathic sleeping pills. Sometimes two packages. There are never any effects.

    The Oscillococcinum web site itself claims “No side effects.” This is a dead givaway. Any doctor will tell you that the term “side-effects” is a misnomer: A medicine simply has effects, some desirable, some not. The only way for a medicine to have no side effects is if it has no effects to begin with.

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