Posted by: UrbanGreenGirl | November 3, 2008

Bush just made it easier to pollute US waterways

Factory farm pigs

Photo: Al Maglio/ AP Photo

A new Bush administration rule just made it easier for American Factory farms to pollute.  According to the Daily Green’s article President Tricks Environment, Treats the Factory Farms, this new rule makes thousands of American factory farms exempt from needing permits that limit water pollution. You see, factory farms are massive polluters.  They produce 3 times the amount of waste as humans, and contrary to popular belief, most is not used as fertilizers on farms. It gets pumped into the local rivers or waterways, contaminates drinking water and kills aquatic life. I personally have seen the cess pools outside hog factory farms. They are huge cement pools full of sewage, waiting to be pumped into some waterway. I won’t even begin to talk about the smell.

Of course you, the consumer, can do something about this. You can reduce the amount of meat you eat, thus decreasing your impact on the ecosystem. You can also choose to eat local, organic meat, which is not only healthier for you, but more humane for the animals and has a lesser impact on the environment. I won’t say zero impact because consuming meat, regardless if it’s organic or not, is still worse than relying on vegetable protein. It still pollutes, uses vasts amount of water, energy and resources to create the feed for livestock. Of course the best thing you can do is become vegetarian, thus dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. If you care about human rights, you should look into how developing nations often compete against livestock in wealthy nations for grains.  Unfortunately, it’s more lucrative to sell grains to livestock them humans.  George Monbiot said it best in The Poor Get Stuffed

At present, the world produces enough food for its people and its livestock, though (largely because they are so poor) some 800 million are permanently malnourished. But as the population rises, structural global famine will be avoided only if the rich start to eat less meat. The number of farm animals on earth has risen fivefold since 1950: humans are now outnumbered three to one. Livestock already consume half the world’s grain, and their numbers are still growing almost exponentially.

Getting back to this loophole, when will government put the safety of the people ahead of the profits of industry? As if we’re not already busy enough worrying about the additives and hormones in meats, the pesticides and contaminants on our fruits and vegetables and now we have to worry about our drinking water? This has got to stop! We cannot go on living like this.

Desperately hoping for a positive change on November 4th down south.


  1. Bush is an ass and hates the planet, at least judging by his actions. The best thing to do for the planet and the other creatures on it is to be vegan, eat organic and local. It is best if everyone is an “urban green girl” as well 🙂

  2. Yes indeed – seems like a vegan diet is the best course to human and planetary wellbeing… Of course the animals would benefit in a huge way as well 🙂 Factory farms and animal agriculture in general are disgusting not only in the way it destroys the environment but in the way it permits man man to continue these unethical and cruel *meat* practices. For health & heart – Go VEGAN

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