Posted by: UrbanGreenGirl | November 29, 2008

Urban Green Girl featured on the CBC’s The News at Six

CBC interview Nov 28 2008

CBC interview Nov 28 2008

Wow dreams do come true! Tonight Urban Green Girl was featured on the Be Green segment of The News at Six on CBC hosted by Geeta Nadkarni. Geeta is another amazing individual trying to make our world a better place and helps out in animal issues too. It was a great pleasure being interviewed by her. The actual interview took 2hrs and I was very nervous, stumbling on my words (you would be too if you had a camera in your face) but overall, I think it turned out great! 

Watch my interview with Geeta and read what she wrote about me on her Be Green blog.

Having the Be Green segment on the Montreal edition of the CBC is proof that green issues are no longer a marginal issue with more and more discussion in mainstream media. Society is now learning that they have to shape up and start considering their actions on the planet.


  1. Great interview Carmen! You have a gorgeous apartment all decorated very nicely, It would be need to hear how you integrate sustainability with your living area.

  2. That was great! Good for you Carmen!
    Every bit helps.

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