Posted by: UrbanGreenGirl | February 11, 2009

Tips for a green and romantic Valentine’s Day

Tips for an green Valentine's Day

Tips for a green Valentine's Day

Everyone seems to complain about Valentine’s Day and how it’s just another “commercial” holiday to sell chocolates, cards and put pressure on people’s relationships, not to mention  single people!

Although I agree, I view Valentine’s Day differently. I think it’s great to have a holiday dedicated to love. And if you don’t like the commercial aspect, don’t play into.

Instead, here are some green and  eco friendly gift ideas that will guarantee you a romantic night while supporting green and sustainable businesses and eco friendly initiatives.

  1. Choose potted flowers as opposed to cut flowers. Potted flowers travel shorter distances and stay beautiful all year. Of course, if you can, choose locally grown or organic. But let’s be honest here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen organic flowers before.
  2. Choose fair trade and/or organic chocolate. Help give fair wages to those that work in cocoa bean plantations, don’t use pesticides and herbicides which are a threat to you, the eco system and the wildlife.
  3. Choose natural, organic and/or local beauty products. Every woman likes romantic bubble baths with her beau, but not when it contains a cocktail of chemicals damaging her and the environment.
  4. Cook a romantic dinner chez vous using local and organic ingredients.
  5. Buy organic wine. I can’t believe how many varieties exist now  and the prices are very reasonable, starting at $13.  Please note that although the grapes might be organic, sulphites are still needed to prevent bacteria infestations.
  6. Choose conflict-free diamonds from Canada. Although I agree that Valentine’s has become too commercial, I am also a realistic. So men, if you are going to offer your ladies a diamond of some sort, choose conflict free diamonds which are more socially ethical.
  7. Make your own jewellery. Nothing says I love you more than a jewellery creation you made yourself. How you ask? Buy second-hand jewellery from a pawn shop, then get a master jeweller to melt it down and create your own design. Eco and original!
  8. Offer him/her a day at the spa. Offer services as opposed to products which will end up in the landfill. A day at the spa is luxurious, relaxing and romantic if you do it together.
  9. Plant a tree in your lovers’ name in the US, Canada, Amazon or Israel.
  10. Check out Green&CleanMom for 5 more green valentine’s ideas.

Special thanks to Equiterre who provided some of the tips but because they were written in French, I have translated them for you here. For Canadians in Quebec, check out Equiterre’s retailer directory for fair-trade products ranging from chocolates to wine.

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