About UrbanGreenGirl

We all have a part to play in how our world turns out. Complaining gets us nowhere, we need to act! All of us have a gift or talent for something, I guess you could say mine was my sensitivity for the environment and animals. I can remember back to a figure skating practice my mom was driving me to. Some how we got on to the discussion of what I wanted to be when I was older and I said Environmentalist. I don’t think I quite knew what that meant at the time, but there I was, staking my ground in wanting to protect this beautiful land upon which we were born.

Of all the environmental issues facing the world today, I think the one that makes me reflect the most is landfills. Maybe because I have a direct impact on it, every day that I live. Somehow along the lines of throwing ‘shit’ out, we forgot that it doesn’t disappear, it’s just moved to another place. That water bottle you threw out in 1987 while at a soccer game….it’s still there. That laundry detergent bottle from your first year of college….it’s still there too. Yet, we continue to dispose like there’s no consequence.

This blog aims to tackle the everyday problems we face at an individual level, from the products we buy and the food we eat, to the ingredients we put on our body, how we consume, how we clean, and so on.

The tips, advice, rants, exposes are not made from complex ideologies yet simple-easy-to-understand explanations and more importantly, applications for the real-world. No need to quit your office job and move out of the city, become a hippy solutions (not that I have anything against hippies), but from a real-world perspective.

So read on, learn, test yourself, and enjoy! Empower yourself to become green and make a difference in this world. We can all, make a difference, one person at a time. Sounds corny, but’s true!


  1. Out of curiosity are you vegetarian or vegan? I’m a bonified environmentalist myself and think it is tragic the way in which we use the land without thinking of the consequences down the line. Good luck with your new blog!!

  2. Hi
    Love your blog. I’d love to send you info about our work promoting cruelty free cosmetics, household products etc – could you send me your email address if interested?
    Mary-Louise Clews

  3. Hi Urban Green Girl,
    Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your blog. (Actually blog doesn’t seem the proper fit, its bigger than that).
    Just because I put a blue box out every week doesn’t mean I’m doing all I can. Thanks for the reminders.
    Best of luck tonight with the filming..hope all goes well.

  4. Hello…
    I am very impressed with your passion. I came upon your site while i was reading about Vancouvers new mayor and the homeless project (which makes me smile).
    I look forward to your blogs!!

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