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  1. Hi Urban Green Girl. I just discovered your blog (can’t remember the trail that led me here, y’know how it goes!?!! – might have been via Twitter originally, have ‘followed’ you there too).

    I love what you’re doing and have added Urban Green Girl to our Links page at – perhaps you can reciprocate with a link back in your Blogroll?

    I subscribed to your feed so I’ll keep up-to-date with your posts and be back to comment again.

    Kindest regards, Paul 😉

  2. Bonjour Urban Girl,

    Je suis pas mal un urbain aussi…pas mal bon ton blogue…Si tu as besoin d’une photo “Urbaine” de Montréal, fais-moi signe…j’en ai plein.

    Si tu veux le communiqué vert en anglais de Tourisme Montréal, il est sur le site web.

    À plus

    NB Ton vidéo CBC est super bien

  3. I do media outreach for the Rainforest Alliance, and I’m psyched you mentioned our membership program in your posting! Thanks so much! – Abby

    • Hi Abby..Yes, I saw a show about your organization on TV this past week-end and was very impressed with your work. I especially like how you don’t just give hand outs to the farmers, you work with them to find sustainable solutions that are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Great work!

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